Explosion-proof Refrigerator Door Switch

Explosion-proof Refrigerator Door Switch

Explosion-proof Refrigerator Door Switch

Unionwell has recently developed a series of explosion-proof refrigerator switches.

The switch is installed inside the refrigerator. After the refrigerator door is closed, the contacts in the switch are separated. The lighting lamp in the refrigerator compartment goes out; the switch is in the internal spring after the refrigerator door is opened. It pops up under the action. The internal contacts are closed now, and the illumination lamp is on. This series of refrigerator door switches have a long life and reliable quality. They have passed the explosion-proof(ATEX Proof) certification. 

Unionwell provides standard parts for the automotive, home appliance, and motor industries and provides customized products according to the individual requirement of customers. Unionwell has a complete product testing system, which can finish all kinds of our switch testing items and help customers.


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch China Manufacturer

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing electronic switches since its establishment in 2014. More than ten years of micro switch experience enables us to produce high-quality electrical switches for our clients worldwide. 

Simultaneously, research and development are spent on new patent electrical switches research and development. As a Professional micro manufacturer, the Unionwell staff continuously focuses on product development and technological innovation and actively introduces high-reliability products to the market. 

For more information, please visit our website:https://www.unionwellswitch.com.   

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