Epidemic Safety Prevention Control-Wear A Mask

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Epidemic Safety Prevention Control-Wear A Mask

Epidemic Safety Prevention Control-Wear A Mask


Epidemic Safety Prevention Control-Wear A Mask

Unionwell has business all over the world. When our salespeople participate in exhibitions in various countries, they must clarify the correct way to wear masks. While expanding the company’s international market for micro-switches, please pay attention to self-protection, which reflects our Uonwellswitch’s aim of caring for employees!

The standard masks on the market can be divided into three categories:

  1. Medical-surgical mask
  2. Medical protective mask (N95 mask)
  3. Ordinary cotton gauze mask


Medical-surgical masks can block 70% of bacteria, N95 masks can block 95%, and cotton masks can only block 36% of bacteria. Therefore, we should choose the first two masks to prevent the new coronavirus. It is recommended to replace them in about 4 hours. Once;

Medical-surgical masks have three layers, from the outside to the inside, the waterproof layer, the filter layer, and the comfort layer. The comfort layer is a layer of gauze. When worn, the white gauze faces inward, the blue waterproof layer faces outward, and the side with the metal sheet faces. Please do not wear it upside down. Hook the rubber band on your ears and squeeze the metal piece to fit your nose. Smooth your cheeks, so there is no gap between the mask and your face.


The Correct Way To Wear A Mask

  1. Cover the nose, mouth, and chin with the mask, and tie the rubber bands behind the ears
  2. Put the tips of your fingers on the nose clip, start from the middle position, press inward with your fingers, and gradually move to the sides to shape the nose clip according to the shape of the nose bridge.
  3. Adjust the tightness of the lace


What Is A Medical Protective Mask (N95 Mask)

The commonly used N95 masks are divided into two types: biological respirator (blue-green), model 1860 or 9132; the other is dust respirator (white), model 8210. Citizens should choose bio-resistant medical protective masks when buying. When wearing an anti-biological medical protective mask, cover the mask on the face, fix the lower rubber band to the neck, select the upper rubber band to the head, and pinch the metal piece to fit the mug. Leaving no gaps.


How To Wear A Mask

  1. Hold the protective mask with one hand, with the nose clip side facing away.
  2. Cover the nose, mouth, and chin with the protective mask; the nose clip should be close to the face upwards.
  3. Use the other hand to pull the lower strap over the top of the head and place it under the ears behind the neck.
  4. Pull the upper strap to the middle of the head.
  5. Put the tips of your fingers on the metal nose clip, start from the middle position, press the nose clip inward with your fingers, and move and press it to both sides to shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge of the nose.


Prevent The New Coronavirus From Everywhere

  1. Avoid going to places where people gather;
  2. Wear a mask when going out;
  3. Take disinfection measures at any time.


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