Electrical Rating Of Micro Switch

Electrical Rating Of Micro Switch

Micro Switch Electrical Rating

Microswitch, generally, can cut off the electrical rating from 5mA / 5VDC to 25A/250VAC. Microswitch series products are provided with rating products that function in different applications. Engineers must know the specific application for electrical rating and voltage (AC or DC) to select the proper microswitch. 

All industries or equipment are likely to be designed with low power consumption. Therefore, micro switches should work under low current circumstances. However, some applications must require a switch that can cut off high current or high voltage. Besides current or voltage, engineers have to choose the proper circuit. 


Micro Switch Contact: NO /NC

Microswitch contact must be NO ( normally open ) or NC (usually close). For the NO contact, there is no current passing between the contact. When the microswitch starts snap action, the contact will be closed; the circuit will connect. While for the NC contact, there is currently passing the contact. When the switch starts snap action, the contact will be open, and the circuit will be off.


Micro Switch Working Environment

The working environment is critical for micro switch selection, especially in some critical areas of industrial control, medical equipment, etc. The working environment factors, including polluted substance dust, may enter the switch, temperature, humidity, liquid, etc. If the switch is going to be used in a terrible environment, you must select a sealed micro switch with high-temperature endurance. 

The reliable microswitch can work under temperatures ranging from -54 to 177 degrees, making it easy for various applications. In addition, we have to pay attention to IP rates. IP67 rated seriously has to be required to prevent the liquid from going inside. 


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Unionwell G5 Series Basic Micro Switch Products Lists


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