Electric Drying Rack Micro Switch Application

Electric Drying Rack Micro Switch Application

Electric Drying Rack

It is a machine that lifts clothes back and forth and controls them through buttons or remote controls. Some products even have hot air blowing and UV lamp functions, ensuring that clothes dry quickly, even on rainy days. An electric drying rack is an essential tool at home.

Electric Drying Rack Micro Switch Application


Working Principle Of Electric Drying Rack

Usually, the main components of electric drying racks include a rack host, wind rack and drying telescopic rod.

Micro switches used for electric drying rack limit devices usually include a microswitch body and an elastic rod swinging on the microswitch body.

The micro switch body is provided with a button to resist the pressure with the elastic rod. The end of the elastic rod is provided with a guide wheel guided by the wire rope of the drying rack. Based on the change of the force of the wire rope released on the guide wheel, it can trigger the button pressing or reset of the micro switch so that the automatic drying rack can perform the start and stop control of the motor module according to the tightness of the wire rope, and improve the safety of the automatic drying rack when used.


Working Principle Of Micro Switch

The micro switch of the existing electric drying rack is mainly located at both ends of the winder, and when the winder moves axially in a small range, the drying rod also rises or falls by a large margin. The micro switch body is provided with a button that fits with the elastic rod to limit the placement of the shrink rod to prevent overstretching and reduction.


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