Dustproof Grade Of Micro Switch

Dustproof Grade Of Micro Switch

Dustproof Grade Of Micro Switch


With the development of society, people’s requirements for high-quality life are getting higher and higher. From bright kitchens and bathrooms, shared equipment, new energy vehicles, and other industries, all industries are following the requirements of society, from the product design stage to the end customer. The use and after-sales service are improving. 

For product stability and reliability, the equipment’s requirements for the control switch-micro switch are also getting higher and higher, from ordinary micro switches to dustproof micro switches. The waterproof micro-switches now require at least IP67 and IP68 levels.

Unionwell will take you to learn the difference between dust and water resistance. Two numbers followed by IP usually express the protection level, and the numbers specify the protection level. The first number indicates the range of micro-dust resistance of the micro switch or the degree to which people are protected from hazards in a sealed environment. Represents the level of preventing solid foreign objects from entering; the highest level is 6; The first digit dustproof level after IP Number Protection Range Description 0 No protection No special protection against water or humidity 1 Prevent water droplets from immersing. Vertically falling water droplets (such as condensed water) will not cause damage to the appliance 2 When tilting 15 degrees, it can still prevent water droplets from immersing. 

When the appliance is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees, dripping will not cause damage to the appliance 3Prevent the sprayed water from immersing. Rainproof or prevent the water sprayed in the direction with an angle of fewer than 60 degrees from the vertical from entering the appliance and causing damage 4 Prevent splashing water from immersing. Prevent water splashing from all directions from entering the appliance and causing damage 5 Prevent the sprayed water from immersing. Avoid low-pressure sprays that last at least 3 minutes 6 Prevent large waves from being immersed. 

Prevent a large amount of water spray that lasts at least 3 minutes 7 Prevent water immersion when immersed in water; prevent the impact of 30 minutes of immersion in water up to 1 meter deep 8 Prevent water immersion during the sinking. Prevent continuous immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter. The manufacturer specifies the exact conditions for each device. 

Unionwell is committed to producing and innovating various micro switches. For details, please visit our website: www.unionwellswitch.com.  

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