What Is A Double Pole Switch

What Is A Double Pole Switch

What Is A Double Pole Switch

What Is A Double Pole Switch


A double pole double throw switch is attached to 2 various circuits; the two inputs can be connected to either of the outputs. In total, two inputs and four outcomes.
Here is the following DPDT symbol. These inputs have two states; open or off. There are four output terminals in the total amount.

What Is A Double Pole Switch

In other words, A double pole double throw switch (DPDT switch) has two input terminals and four output terminals; each input has two outputs that it can connect with. The DPDT switches can connect 4 different outputs with 2 inputs. Two single pole double throw switches are also double pole double throw (SPDT) switches.

What Is A Double Pole Switch



A Double Pole Double Throw Switch Circuit Diagram

Let’s see the circuit diagram of the double pole double throw (DPDT) switch and learn how a DPDT switch works ( understand its working principle):

What Is A Double Pole Switch

In the above wiring diagram of the DPDT Switch, you can see that we have taken four LEDs and two batteries. LED 1 and LED 2 are connected to battery 1. The LED 3 and LED 4 are connected to battery 2.
So, at one switch position, LED 1 and LED 3 will glow together while LED 2 and 4 will be in off condition. When the switch is in another position, LED 1 and LED 3 will be turned off, while LEDs 2 and 4 will be turned on.
The DPDT switches are used in complex electronic circuits, electrical pilot circuits, control devices, etc.


The Working Principle Of DPDT Switch Is Very Simple 

For example, we named the two inputs input 1 and input 2. The corresponding output of input 1 is output 1.1 and output 1.2. Similarly, the corresponding output of input 2 is output 2.1 and 2.2.

So when the switch is in one position, input 1 will be connected to output 1.1 and disconnected from output 1.2. At the same time simultaneously, input 2 will be connected to output 2.1 and disconnected from output 2.2.

When the switch is in another position, input 1 will be connected to output 1.2 and disconnected from output 1.1. At the same time simultaneously, input 2 will be connected to output 2.2 and disconnected from output 2.1.


Makes Use Of Double Post Switches

A switch is a light and follower combination among the more typical uses for a dual pole. The light button and fan get on different circuits; however, they can be managed by the same button. Some even more commercial applications can include.

For unionwell products, we have discovered that the most typical applications for our dual post footswitches are within the medical market; in these cases, the double post buttons are wired for redundancy as a security feature.

Our double post atmospheric pressure buttons are utilized within liquid degree control and gauge the degrees within containers.

 We have a range of air/pressure switches and, footswitches, double posts.

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