Do You Know The Advantages Of Micro Switches

Do You Know The Advantages Of Micro Switches

Do You Know The Advantages Of Micro Switches



Advantage 1: The main advantage of micro switches is that they are highly reliable. Switching occurs reliably at repeatable and specific positions, which cannot be said of many other types of switches. As they are often used in applications relating to safety mechanisms, the reliability of micro switches is critical. 

Advantage 2: Another significant advantage of the microswitch is its durability. The less expensive switches can function for more than a million cycles. In contrast, the more expensive heavy-duty types can last for over 10 million cycles. Their durability is a natural result of their design.   

Advantage 3: Microswitches are also very inexpensive to purchase, especially in buying in bulk, which, when combined with their reliability and durability, makes them a desirable option for the electronics market. As a result, micro switches are viral and ubiquitous electronic components. 


 Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Supplier

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