Do You Know Air Pressure Switch

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Do You Know Air Pressure Switch

Do You Know Air Pressure Switch

An air pressure switch is a switch that automatically disconnects when the current exceeds the rated current in the circuit. The air pressure switch is an essential electrical appliance in low voltage distribution networks and power drive systems. It combines control and multiple protection functions. 

In addition to the contact and breaking circuit, it can protect the circuit or electrical equipment in short circuits, severe overload, and under voltage. It can also be used too infrequently to start the motor. The overload current cannot make the electromagnetic trip action when the line is overloaded. 

Still, it can make the heating element produce a certain amount of heat, prompting the bimetallic strip to bend upwards, push the lever to separate the hook from the lock, and then break the primary contact, cutting off the power. When the line short-circuits or serious overload current, the short-circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping over setting current value, electromagnetic trip generates enough suction, pull the armature and hit the lever, so that the hook around a shaft seat up and separate from the lock. The lock-in reaction under the action of the spring then cuts off power.

Unionwell has a different series micro switch, such as the G3 series micro switch, G5W series, G9 series micro switch, etc.; all these micro switches can be waterproof. They are manufactured with stricter quality control than other electrical switches. These waterproof micro switches can be customized and manufactured for OEM customers if the quantity reaches the amount. 

Unionwell manufactures various micro switches, pressure switches, etc., and has a one-stop R & D and production system. We are a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer, and factory dedicated to producing the best quality waterproof micro switches for clients worldwide.

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