Do You Know About Rotary Switch

Do You Know About Rotary Switch

Do You Know About Rotary Switch

The rotary switch is a switch that controls the primary contact with a rotating handle. There are two structural forms of rotary switches: unipolar unit structure and multipole structure. 

The rotating shaft potentiometer commonly uses the single pole unit rotary switch. In contrast, the multipole rotary switch is mainly used to switch the active state line. 

The resistance value is within the range for a period of transformation, and then have a contact switch, this is old TV and radio switch, a fan now is there are several gears, answered the fan groups of lead wire winding, by changing the number of wire loops to change speed, the principle and potentiometer are similar.  

The rotary switch can be used to replace the traditional resistance simulation function of a rotating pulse generator; the rotary switch is typically used in the instrument front panel and audio control panel man-machine interface, rotary switch orthogonal optical encoder as a purely digital device to replace analog potentiometer, the rotary switch on the appearance similar to a traditional or resistive potentiometer, but the internal structure of rotary switch completely and use digital optical technology. 

Similar to traditional incremental encoder products, there are two orthogonal output signals (channel A and channel B), which can be directly connected with the encoder processing chip.  

Unionwell manufactures various micro switches, pressure switches, rotary switches, etc., and has a one-stop R & D and production system:

Unionwell has a complete product testing system, which can not only finish all kinds of our switch testing items but also help customers implement some special requirements of testing projects. 

After years of development, the company has formed a one-stop R & D and production system for product research and development, precision molds, precision injection molding, precision stamping, automation equipment research and development, and automated assembly of finished products and testing.

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