Distinction Of Basic Micro Switch

Distinction Of Basic Micro Switch

Distinction Of Basic Micro Switch


What is a tact switch? 

Tact switches are standard electronic switches and belong to mechanical actions. It consists of a plastic part, a base, slingshot shrapnel, a handle button, and a cover. You can lightly press it to connect the circuit and let go of a separate component when you use it.   


What is a micro switch? 

A microswitch is a contact mechanism with a small contact interval and a quick action mechanism. It uses a predetermined stroke and force to perform a switching action. It is covered with housing and has a drive rod outside—a small, so-called micro switch, also known as a sensitive switch.


Working principle of tact switch and microswitch 

The working principle of the tact switch is to press the inner shrapnel through the button handle to make the inner shrapnel contact the contact point of the base to make the switch conductive; the microswitch has a small contact interval, and a quick-action mechanism, which is carried out with a prescribed stroke and force The contact mechanism of the switch action is covered by the housing, with an actuator on the outside and a trim shape; the mechanical principle of the two is the same, so they are both called switches. 


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The application range of micro switch and tact switch is different:

  1. The micro switch is divided into small current, medium current, and large current, so it is widely used in harsh environments such as electronics, machinery, medical, automotive, aviation, etc.;
  2. The tact switch only has a small current, and there is no high current product, so it is widely used in small control boards such as consumer electronics.

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