Different Micro Switch has Different Usage

Different Micro Switch has Different Usage.


Are you wondering where to find out about the different switches, including their uses? Do you know that lack of such knowledge can deprive you of not exploring the features of these other switches? Most people struggle to purchase switches for their devices because they lack understanding about how they can be put to use. Not anymore as you have come to the right place where uses of different switches will be explained in detail. This post aims to help you know how the various switches in the market have been designed to function. Ensure to read the details from beginning to end.


What you should understand

Most people do not understand the fact that switches are of different types. However, this post will be aiming to look at the major ones that you will likely come across in the market. They will definitely have one or two roles to play in your project or appliance.


The switches that are going to be discussed here are:

  • Pressure switches
  • Micro switches


Pressure switches and their uses

The advent of pressure switches has changed lots of things in terms of how most appliances function. These switches are meant to detect changes in the amount of pressure based on set points. They can either make a machine or system to stop working due to the highest or lowest pressure point being reached. Environments where you will likely find them are manufacturing companies. Below are some of its uses.


Well water pumps 

Without pressure switches being used in water pumps, it becomes difficult for such machines or systems to function effectively. This is because it ensures that such devices regulate properly as they are working. For instance, you must have seen water pumps that start and stop after working for some time. This could not have been possible without the presence of a pressure switch. When a machine is working continuously without any interruption, there is bound to be the problem. For instance, it can easily get damaged due to too much pressure or stress.


With pressure switches, water pumps are built to work at different set points. Their open and closed contact points make this possible. A closed contact, for example, is where there are physical contacts, thereby allowing the flow of electricity in the pumping machine. On the other hand, open contact is where there is a separation of components, thereby making the machine stop pumping water.


Whether a pumping machine will start or stop working depends on the setpoint. Simply put, it will start working after reaching its lowest or minimum setpoint. But, conversely, it will stop working after reaching its maximum setpoint.


Air conditioners 

It is really amazing to find out how pressure switches are being used in various appliances to ensure they are working as expected. One of such appliances happens to be air conditioners. Do you know that it will become difficult for them to function automatically without pressure switches being installed without pressure switches? For instance, these switches make it possible for air conditioners to stop and start without help from anyone. You can decide to switch on your air conditioner for 24hours without bothering whether the temperature will be too hot or cold.


The pressure switch handles the job of ensuring such does not happen. It detects when the appliance has worked up to a point. In this case, it will stop automatically for some time, especially once the temperature is too hot or cold. This is the setpoint which can either be maximum or minimum.


The switch gives the compressor signal to pause functioning whenever the amount of pressure detected is too high or low. Every vehicle you see comes with two pressure switches. One is responsible for detecting high pressure while the other detects low pressure. They both have a similar aim which is to ensure the compressor is protected from getting damaged. However, their functions are different.



Micro switches and their uses

There is no doubting the fact that micro switch technology has waxed stronger over the years. This is why they are included in more appliances than in past years. In case you do not know, micro switches are actuated via the little amount of force. That is to say, all you have to do is push its lever and contacts can either be closed or open. Below are some of their uses. You will be so amazed that they are used in most major appliances.


Washing machines

Do you have a washing machine? Have you noticed how it has been designed to function? The role of micro switch in such appliances is very obvious. For instance, it helps in having the power turned on/off. You will notice that a button only needs to be pressed before this process can happen. It is the presence of a micro switch (or snap-action switch as it can also be called) that makes such possible.


Apart from this, they are great at carrying out detective functions in washing machines. By detective function, we simply mean checking the water level of such appliances to ensure they are working as expected. For example, before a washing machine will start functioning, its door status must be checked. Simply put, there has to be a device that checks whether the door is open or closed. If it is open, the machine will not work. This function is made possible through the presence of a micro switch.


Another role that micro switches play in washing machines is that they check the water level. Again, once the water level seems to be too high, a micro switch will send signals, thereby preventing the washing machine from working and vice versa.


Automobile functions 

In case you do not know, micro switches are being used in cars more than ever before. You will find them in car remote controls. These have the role of sealing the doors to prevent unauthorized access. You only need to press the button on the remote and the doors will be locked. This could not have been possible without the presence of a micro switch.


Also, micro switches can determine when lights will be on or off. Have you ever noticed that there are cars that have lights that can switch on/off depending on the day? This is made possible through the presence of a micro switch. It carries out a detective role in such regards.


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