Contact Material Of Micro Switch

Contact Material Of Micro Switch

Contact Material Of Micro Switch

The material of the microswitch contact is mainly the following four materials, and the information collected and organized by unionwell is below. 

Ag, FAg Silver, and fine grain silver(FAg) possess high electrical and thermal conductivity, low and stable contact resistance, and good workability. For silver resistance to arc erosion and contact, welding is limited; mechanical strength is low. Due to the small quantity of nickel in the fine grain sliver, resistance to arc erosion and mechanical strength are higher than that of silver. 


Agni materials have higher resistance to arc erosion and contact welding than Ag or FAg. Both properties are improved with increasing Ni content. All Agni materials show good workability and are easy to weld to contact supports. With a low tendency towards material transfer in DC applications, Agni materials are environment-protective materials. 



AgCuO is a new kind of environment-protective contact material. It has high welding resistance and much better properties than AgSnO2 and Agni in the application of DC contactors. The content range of CuO is 8%–15%.



AgCdO contacts are the most widely used ones in low voltage electric apparatus. They combine a good resistance against contact welding with good erosion resistance. A reasonably low contact resistance over its complete service life. They are produced using two techniques: atomizing-sintering-extrusion or melting and subsequent internal oxidation. In both cases, CdO content may range from 10 to 18 wt.%.However, Cd and CdOare considered hazardous to health and the environment. For this reason, AgCdO materials will be banned in several countries. Unionwell focuses on product development and actively introduces high-reliability micro switches to the market. 


Unionwell: A Professional Micro Switch Supplier

Huizhou Unionwell Sensing & Control Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional micro switch supplier, manufacturer, and factory, focusing on new clean energy electronic component research and development. And we take a micro switch for charging guns as a strategic product for the next decade. More and more clients have started to inquire about this model micro switch’s specifications and applications. 

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