Circuit Codes Of Micro Switch

Circuit Codes Of Micro Switch

Circuit Codes Of Micro Switch

The micro switch is commonly used in various electrical appliances. It is widely applied in household appliances, automotive electronics, and industrial control. The role is to control the on and off of the current. 


Better identify its internal circuit.

Generally, to better identify its internal circuit, COM, NC, and NO characters are printed on the shell of the microswitch. Because the circuit codes of the switches are different, the standard circuit codes are: single pole double throw, single pole single throw normally open, and single pole single throw normally closed. Care must be taken when selecting and installing.   


Unionwell: microswitch supplier and manufacturer

Unionwell is a supplier and manufacturer of a limit switch with more than ten years of micro switch experience. Realizing the importance of limiting the switch to industry development, we take it as an essential product and contribute a lot to make it work better. In the recent, we have developed a new model limit switch. 

Unionwell focuses on R&D and the production of basic micro switches, waterproof micro switches, and ultra-small micro switches that are widely applicated in various fields. 

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