Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

The rapid popularization of charging guns is inseparable from the popularity of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of their low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving characteristics. Just as gasoline vehicles need to use a fuel gun to refuel, new energy vehicles use charging guns to charge new energy vehicles and supplement new energy-electric energy, in which the microswitch plays an irreplaceable safety control role in the charging gun.


Now we will disassemble this charging cable. Let’s take a look at its internal design.

Generally, the charging gun is carried in a handbag, which is convenient for storage and carrying in the car. In addition to the charging cable head and portable charging case, thick cables connect, and a plastic case protects the plug pins. The plug adopts a water drop shape design, and the inside is designed with ground wire, live wire, and zero wire identification next to the pin, and the specification is 16A 250V~. The cable diameter was measured to be 10.75mm. A rubber ring protects the junction between the cable and the charging case. One end is also specially designed with a hole for wall mounting.

The main shell of the charging cable head is white, the surface is matte, and the shape is ergonomically designed to enhance the user’s experience. The grip is printed with the product name, model number, and current and voltage parameters (16A 250V AC).

There is a trip button in the shape of a convex tooth on the top. Many screw holes can be seen on the other side. The tip end is covered with a rubber sleeve to prevent dust, moisture, and oxidation. Fixed snap close-up, metal material is not easy to break. Close-up at the end, with seven round holes and a metal column in the center, which fits the charging port design of domestic electric vehicles.


What is a charging cable electronic lock?

The charging gun electronic lock includes a motor, transmission gear, ejector rod, and micro switch. The teeth at one end of the transmission gear have meshed with the motor’s rotating shaft, and the teeth at the other end are meshed with the gear strip of the ejector rod. The ejector rod can be telescopic under the motor’s drive, and the ejector rod head can extend outside the shell of the electronic lock. 

The microswitch is connected to the control panel, which displays the electronic lock’s status information. When the ejector rod moves to the locking position, the ejector rod gear triggers the switch of the micro switch so that the microswitch instantly feedbacks one locking signal to the control panel. When the ejector lever is retracted and unlocked, the microswitch will also give feedback 1 unlock signal to the control panel.

Charging electronic gun lock, the charging gun lock, anti-falling off, loose (after the charging gun is used more than 100 times, the connected car has a loose gap, need to be supported by hand), after the electronic lock, when the electronic lock is locked, the fee will be charged. Still, the anti-loosening does not rush to the electricity but also counts. After locking, the charging gun does not need hand support and unlimited use to prevent loosening. At the same time, the electronic lock also becomes a billing contact when the charging gun electronic lock unlocks, stops billing, and power disconnection. The onboard system’s accurate sensing electronic lock disconnection judgment is completed by power-on, which can prevent electric shock. Realize unattended automatic charging after card-swiping users without the need for professional operation. The system issues a charging command when the electronic lock is in the locked state, the plug is firmly locked on the socket to prevent it from falling off, to ensure a reliable connection, and feedback to the system on whether the connection is reliable when the charging is completed, the system sends an unlock signal, the electronic lock turns into an unlocked state. The status is fed back to the system.

Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

Unionwell G303 series built-in resistive microswitch is used in the charging gun.

Generally, the waterproof switch is connected to a PCB circuit board, and the external PCB board is soldered with resistance, so that the switch outputs signals of different resistance when it is on and off, however, the resistance is soldered to the external PCB board, so that the volume of the electronic equipment increases, the installation of electronic components on the PCB board is more cumbersome, and the external PCB part to achieve IP67 protection level is usually complex in structure and high cost; Our company through ingenious structural design, with professional electronic engineers repeated demonstration, on the basis of the existing G303 series structure, successfully developed a small PCB board placed in the switch, soldered on the PCB board resistance, so that the switch in the on and off to generate different resistance signals of the switch components, in which the resistance value of the resistance can be customized according to customer needs, to meet the needs of different customers for their circuit output resistance signals.

G303 built-in resistance micro switch can be used in the charging gun industry, saving the internal space of the charging gun and the cost. It is the charging gun industry development of the must-have to meet the market capacity needs. Our company, through robotic welding technology, solves the problem of production capacity, automatic solder joint position and welding time adjustable energy-saving monitoring, good solder joint consistency, solder joint surface smooth and full, reliable quality, high welding efficiency, and can be supplied normally.

Welcome to communicate further with us to learn more about charging gun micro switch parameters and solutions.

Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy VehiclesCharging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

AC charging gun body disassembly

First, unscrew the screw holding the housing and open the charging cable case. The wire is connected directly to the charging cable plug. The cable is fastened with a sheet of metal. The housing and screws are sealed with rubber seals to prevent water ingress.

The function of the button micro switch inside the charging gun is to detect whether the charging gun is inserted in place and to detect the action of pulling the gun. The charging gun micro switch has 3 wires, representing three terminals, One of which uses common terminals for power supply, and one is the NO end of the normally open point, and the other is the NC end of the normally closed point.

The micro switch has a micro-contact interval and a quick-action mechanism, a contact structure with a specified stroke and a specified force for switching action, covered with a shell, and a small miniature switch with a driving rod outside.

With contacts: In the switch type, compared with semiconductor switches with switching characteristics, the switch’s function is achieved by a mechanical contact switch.

Contact form: An electrical input and output circuit that constitutes a contact according to various uses. There is a temperature safety on the firewire inside the charging gun, which is fixed by a heat-shrinkable tube. Cut the shrinkable heat tube and the temperature safety action temperature is 90°C, detect the temperature rise of the terminal, and notify the vehicle to cut off the charging input when the temperature is too high. There is also a heat shrink sleeve on the head. Cut the heat shrink sleeve with two resistors inside. The resistors are 680Ω and 2.7KΩ, respectively, for signal level voltage division.


Common new energy vehicle charging port covers are divided into standard national DC fast charging and AC slow charging.

DC fast charging needs to be used on supporting fixed charging piles or professional commercial fixed charging piles through larger charging current and charging power to achieve faster-charging efficiency. The disadvantage of DC fast charging is that the distribution of DC fixed charging piles for electric vehicles is small, which inevitably causes queuing for charging.

AC slow charging is suitable for general residential appliance scenarios, which is very suitable for using portable electric vehicle charging guns. The advantage of AC slow charging is to make up for the shortcomings of less distribution of DC fixed charging piles for electric vehicles, which inconveniences charging and makes charging more convenient. 

AC slow charging Compared with DC fast charging, charging is impossible to exceed the charging speed of DC fast charging. To achieve faster AC slow charging, you need to choose the right charging gear according to the battery capacity of new energy vehicles.

As the power source of electric vehicles, battery performance has always been one of the important factors limiting the large-scale application of electric vehicles, so electric vehicles need to choose a method that can charge quickly without damaging battery life.


The new energy vehicle charging port covers maintenance specifications.

The charging port terminal is in normal condition, and for the charging port where the terminal is gold-plated, the normal should be bright gold; For charging ports with silver-plated terminals, the normal should be bright silver. 

Warm reminder: New energy vehicles should check the use status of the charging port every time they are charged and discharged to avoid risks.


  1. When the vehicle is turned off (power off to OFF gear), the whole vehicle is unlocked, and the charging port hatch cover and charging port cover are opened;
  2. Visually check whether the appearance of the plastic insulating shell of the charging port is hot melt deformed or falling off, and it needs to be replaced in time if it is seriously hot melt deformed and affects normal use;
  3. If there is dust or other foreign matter inside the terminal of the charging port, it cannot be discharged and affects normal use, and needs to be replaced;
  4. Visually check whether the reed of the charging port terminal and the bottom are yellow; the slight yellow can continue to be used. If it is dark yellow, it needs to be replaced (this article does not apply to the gold-plated terminal charging port);
  5. Visually check whether the reed of the charging port terminal and the bottom are black and the black needs to be replaced;
  6. Visually check whether the terminal reed is broken and the broken need to be replaced.


During use, it is recommended that the owner check the appearance of the charging port and the terminal’s status. If there is a need to replace it, it is recommended that the owner goes to the service store in time for inspection and replacement.

Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy VehiclesCharging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

Unionwell micro switch manufacturers supply G10B series ultra-small waterproof and dustproof micro switch suitable for new energy vehicle charging gun integrated charging port cover, charging pile, fast charging slow charge DC gun or AC gun indicator micro switch, G10B series switch rated current 0.1/3 (A), rated voltage 125/250VAC (V), is a waterproof micro switch, new energy vehicle AC charging gun button micro switch or side outlet micro switch.

The micro switch is mainly used to detect whether the charging gun is inserted in place and to detect the action of pulling out the gun in the charging gun in the charging gun. In addition to the G10B series switch, another G3 series micro switch can also meet the switching application needs of new energy vehicles. 

If you are a company procurement or engineer demanding new energy vehicle microswitches, please consult us to learn more about Unionwell micro switch parameters and installation methods.


Unionwell Micro Switch Manufacturer From China 

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Charging Gun Micro Switch For New Energy Vehicles

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