Basic Micro Switches

Basic Micro Switches

Basic Micro Switches

Basic micro switches come in four sizes: General-purpose, Miniature, Subminiature, and Ultra Subminiature; depending on the device and scale of the equipment, they are to be applied. There is a micro contact gap and a snap-action mechanism for a primary micro switch with a system that turns ON and OFF and customized movement and operating force. 


Snap-action Mechanism

This mechanism enables instant switching at a fixed operating position, regardless of the switch’s operating speed and force. Because the contacts switch instantly, any arc between the contacts will not continue for an extended period, enabling the switching of large currents in a small package.

Switching occurs at nearly the same pushing position every time, which allows for high-accuracy position detection. Any arcs between the contacts do not last long, which reduces the damage done to the contacts for more excellent durability. Our snap-action mechanism design produces a unique clicking feel and sound for superb operational responsiveness.


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Basic Switches are designed for detection but can also be used as manual switches. Unionwell focuses on micro switches, basic micro switches, waterproof micro switches, basic micro switches, etc. Click here for more information:

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