Basic Micro Switch In Microwave Oven

Basic Micro Switch In Microwave Oven

Basic Micro Switch In Microwave Oven


Basic micro switches are used in microwave ovens as critical components to ensure the microwave ovens can be used commonly and safely.


Working principle

A microwave oven is a cooking appliance that uses food to absorb microwave energy in a microwave field to heat itself. The microwave generated by the microwave generator of the microwave oven establishes a microwave electric field in the microwave cavity. Specific measures are taken to make this microwave electric field as evenly distributed in the cavity as possible. 

Then, the food is put into the microwave electric field. The control center controls the cooking time and the intensity of the microwave electric field to carry out various cooking processes. As we know, the heart component of the microwave oven is the magnetron, a typical half-wave voltage doubler circuit composed of a high-voltage transformer, a high-voltage diode, and a high-voltage capacitor continuous energy to the magnetron and makes it work typically. 

Excluding the microwave oven’s essential components, the primary micro switch seems “dispensable” in the microwave oven, but it is essential. When purchasing or using a microwave oven, users will raise concerns and doubts about microwave energy leakage from the microwave oven. The raised questions are about the excellent looseness of the microwave oven door and the gap in the oven door. However, no one has proposed that if the microwave oven gate is opened, will the microwave energy being emitted? The “guard” that solves this problem is the microswitch. 


To analyze the composition and working principle of this “basic micro switch.”

 There is a door hook on the door of every microwave oven. The door hook is naturally inserted into the door lock and equipped with a microswitch when the oven door is closed. Generally speaking, there are three basic micro switches in the oven door structure of a microwave oven, namely the primary, secondary latch switch, and safety monitoring switch. The primary and secondary safety switches trigger different circuit states when the microwave door is opened and closed, affecting the on and off of the induction microwave’s power supply. When any microswitches indicate that the oven door is not closed correctly or closed tightly, the microwave oven cannot be typically started, thereby avoiding microwave leakage. In this door linkage switch, there is another monitoring switch whose protective effect is: The primary function is to prevent the upper and lower safety switches from being damaged and usually short-circuited. 

In this way, even if the microwave door’s status cannot display correctly due to damage or malfunction of the two-door switches, there is still a safety switch to protect it. According to the Chinese National Microwave Oven Product Standard (equivalent to the International Electrotechnical Commission-IEC Standard for short), each microwave oven must have at least one interlocking device. 

According to the above regulations, each microwave oven is usually designed. When the door hook of the microwave oven door operates, the three microswitches are activated simultaneously (interlocking device). 

Each of the above micro-switches has its unique technical indicators, which meet the requirements of national environmental protection standards; the electrical life of the switch is 50,000 times (that is, open-close, close-open once), and the mechanical life is 2 million times, you can choose rated current, operating force, contact form, temperature resistance class, terminal type, and have global certifications (ENEC, CQC, UL, and CUL). 


The characteristics of Unionwell’s primary microswitch

  1.  Tight structure, with small contact gap; features of fast action, high sensitivity, and slight movement travel
  2.  Long life, high reliability
  3.  Global safety certification
  4.  Complete types of terminals
  5.  PTI grades are available in 175V, 250V, 600V
  6.  Various temperature grades 25T85 25T125 25T150

When purchasing microwave ovens, users tend to have doubts about electromagnetic wave leakage and radiation. However, the radiation of microwave ovens does not have such hazards as X and gamma rays, and the production and manufacture of microwave ovens have carried out strict control on radiation. However, micro switches are still added to the oven door for protection to prevent the human body from being hurt by the microwave due to misoperation or negligence.


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