Advantages Of Waterproof Micro Switch

Advantages Of Waterproof Micro Switch

Advantages Of Waterproof Micro Switch

There are many kinds of switches for electronic products, and the waterproof micro switch is one of the most commonly used. As long as the switch button is lightly touched, the power of the product can be turned on. 

Application advantages of waterproof micro switch: The manufacturing cost of waterproof micro-switches is relatively low, which has a considerable advantage in the market for an electronic component with a wide range of applications. The waterproof micro switch is tiny and light.

The waterproof micro switch also has good conductive properties; its circuit can be printed with carbon paste, silver paste, copper foil, etc., the conductive layer can be folded without problems, and the unique membrane switch can also withstand higher voltages Without damage to performance. 

Unionwells’ micro-switches and waterproof micro-switches are widely used in various household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, instrumentation, power tools, and other fields, and their dustproof, waterproof, and other sealed versions Products can meet the needs of unique environments. 

Unionwell is committed to producing all kinds of waterproof micro switches, sealed micro switches, Auto micro switches, micro switch, basic micro switches, and detection switches. As a professional micro switch factory in China, we have established long-term cooperative relationships with world-renowned automotive and home appliance customers. 

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