5 Key Aspects Of Choosing A Micro Switch

5 Key Aspects Of Choosing A Micro Switch

5 Key Aspects Of Choosing A Micro Switch

As a professional manufacturer of micro switches, unionwell shares 5 critical aspects of choosing a micro switch. 

1. Micro switch’s electrical requirements usually can separate the currency from 5mA/5VDC to 25A/250VAC. It can provide a series of products from Low-power types to power load types and fit the application. The engineers must understand the electrical rating and resistance to choose the micro switch for the customer. 

2. The micro switch dimension is critical and related to the feature, including currency range, route, and operating force. For example, the smallest dimension of micro switch o.50*0.236*0.197(LxWxH) can only separate the currency from 0.1 to 3A. It is the short route because it is suitable to test the circuit status in a beaker of tight configuration. (tip: The smaller the switch size, the more minor the stroke and breaking current).   

3. The environment condition The environment requirement is an excellent effect on the choice of a micro switch, incredibly reliable and pivotal application, such as industrial control and medical equipment. The environmental condition of understanding application is covered with the pollutant, water, and the requirement of working temperature, as well as the micro switch, is IP67 at least so that can avoid entering the water. 

4. The requirement of agency certification Micro switch, which chooses to fit the requirement of various international electronics, can help you to simplify the product design in a different area. Some main certifications include UL, cUL or CSA, ENEC, and CQC. 

5. The requirement of precise service life in work The reliability of micro switch is crucial. The different micro switch satisfies the electronic and mechanical requirements because of different contact materials, configuration, and terminal. 

The entire coast should be considered because you not only pay for the micro switch. Also, you should ensure the quality of operation for a long time. 

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