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How Much do you Know about Micro Switches for Car Door Locks

How Much do you Know about Micro Switches for Car Door Locks?   Waterproof micro switches are widely used in people’s daily life or industrial production, especially in the control of charging guns for new energy vehicles such as car door locks and car seats.   What is a micro switch for car door locks? Car door lock micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door. It is a kind of door switch used to sense or detect whether [...]

Basic Knowledge of Daily Use of the Micro Switch

Basic Knowledge of Daily Use of the Micro Switch   Description of the switch structure   Operating body: It represents the part of the machinery and device that operates the switch drive lever. Part of mechanical equipment such as cams and stops. Drive rod: It is a part of the switch, which transmits the force from the outside to the internal bomb structure, and pushes the movable contact to perform the switch action—the general name of the button and the operating lever. Contact interval: The interval between the [...]

How to Increase Microswitch Life in End Use

How to Increase Microswitch Life in End Use Snap-acting switches are designed for long life. By developing an understanding of the application factors that affect switch life, and applying this knowledge, maximum switch life can be achieved. Without this understanding, the user could inadvertently shorten switch life.   The nature of switch life Switch life is a function of several variables in switch design, manufacturing, and end-use. A change of any one of these variables can alter the life of the switch. [...]

Solder Terminal Used in Micro Switch

Solder Terminal Used in Micro Switch   There are many types of micro switch terminals, including solder terminals, straight PCB terminals, right side PCB terminals, left side PCB terminals, and so on. Let’s first explain the solder terminals and some precautions for soldering.   Soldering terminal type 1: Terminals used in the welding tank: Put the solder terminals in the welding tank at +235 ℃ at the specified speed, time and depth. The terminals should not be loose and the insulation distance should not [...]

Simple Use and Introduction of Micro Switch

Simple Use and Introduction of Micro Switch   Micro Switch Use In aerospace, military industry, and some measuring instruments, the requirements for accuracy are very high. When choosing a switch, not only the volume and weight must be considered, but also the precision of the switch. The micro switch is the first of these industries. To be considered. With the development of science and technology, people’s requirements are constantly improving, and the degree of scientific research is greatly deepened. A good research [...]

The Importance of Switches in Safety and Security Products

The Importance of Switches in Safety and Security Products   Whether in life or work, modern people will be exposed to a variety of equipment that protects lives and property. For example, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire alarms and sprinkler systems, anti-theft alarms, video surveillance and access control systems are all common equipment in today’s offices, schools, hospitals, factories and even homes. Switches play a series of important roles in the entire field of safety and security products. For example, each [...]

Principle and Use of Micro Switch

Principle and Use of Micro Switch   The micro switch is a very sensitive switch. Only a tiny action is needed to make this switch perform the function of a switch. The mouse and car brakes are all use micro switches. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge about the micro switch, hope this knowledge can let you understand what is the micro switch.  Working principle of micro switchThe external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element, and when the [...]

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release Guangdong Unionwell Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and manufacturing various of micro switches, auto switches, waterproof switches, pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, precise auto parts, mobile phone connectors, and various kinds of contact modules and terminal components. Last week, with the joint efforts of engineers and employees, our company has successfully developed a new product. It’s G6 Series.This is a kind of Miniature Micro Switch. Now I would like to make a product introduction. It has many features:Small Compact Size Global Safety [...]

Advantages of Waterproof Micro Switch

Advantages of Waterproof Micro Switch   There are many kinds of switches for electronic products, and the waterproof micro switch is one of the most commonly used. As long as the switch button is lightly touched, the power of the product can be turned on.   Application advantages of waterproof micro switch: The manufacturing cost of waterproof micro-switches is relatively low, which has a considerable advantage in the market for an electronic component that has a wide range of applications.   The waterproof micro switch is [...]

Micro Switch in Elevators

Micro Switch in Elevators Usually, we will have elevators in major shopping malls, hotels, buildings, etc., and they are everywhere in our daily life to bring us convenience. What is the connectiMicro Switch in Elevatorson between the elevator and the micro switch? Today we will talk about the relationship between elevators and micro switch.  When we take the elevator, press the corresponding floor,The elevator reaches the specified floor before a few seconds, there will be a corresponding induction device to decelerate the brake instruction. The micro [...]