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The Working Principle of the Mouse Micro Switch

The Working Principle of the Mouse Micro Switch   A micro switch is a quick switch that is pressed and touched and is also called a sensitive switch. Its working principle is: an external mechanical force acts on the action reed through transmission elements (such as buttons, push pins, levers, rollers, etc.), and after accumulating energy to a critical point, it produces instantaneous action, making the end of the action reed Moving contacts (normally open contacts) and fixed contacts (normally closed [...]

The Importance of Switches in Safety and Security Products

The Importance of Switches in Safety and Security Products   Whether in life or work, modern people will be exposed to a variety of equipment that protects lives and property. For example, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire alarms and sprinkler systems, anti-theft alarms, video surveillance and access control systems are all common equipment in today’s offices, schools, hospitals, factories and even homes. Switches play a series of important roles in the entire field of safety and security products. For example, each [...]

Principle and Use of Micro Switch

Principle and Use of Micro Switch   The micro switch is a very sensitive switch. Only a tiny action is needed to make this switch perform the function of a switch. The mouse and car brakes are all use micro switches. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge about the micro switch, hope this knowledge can let you understand what is the micro switch.  Working principle of micro switchThe external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element, and when the [...]

Application of Micro Switch on Rental Bicycle

Application of Micro Switch on Rental Bicycle   Most of the technology focus of smart cities and 5G is to improve wireless communication, broaden sensor technology and promote energy efficiency, including the use of completely battery-free devices. However, if there is no suitable switch, whether it is touch, button, push, or 5G technology infrastructure, Internet of Things and smart city applications, it will not exist in the form we know today. They will not realize their future potential. The switch plays [...]

6 Steps to Replace the Micro Switch in Mouse

6 Steps to Replace the Micro Switch in Mouse 1. First unscrew the bottom screw of the mouse, open the mouse shell, and take out the PCB circuit board. 2. Prepare the soldering iron. The temperature of the soldering iron should be controlled below 300 degrees. After the solder melts, the soldering iron should be separated from the solder joint as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the PCB caused by high temperature. 3. The micro switch has 3 pins(terminals), and the solder on [...]

Micro Switch for Automotive

Micro Switch for Automotive This is a kind of switch specially designed for automotive application, that is G307 series two pole slide switch. Different from other switches, this switch is equipped with two poles and designed for automobile. In future, this switch will be widely applied in new clean energy car and the bus. As below is the specific drawing of slide switch. Application : Car, Air conditioner,Communication,Toys, Electric Tooth brush, Motor Control etc.   Features -Designed For Water and Dust Tight (IP67) – Small Compact Size -Long Life and [...]

Micro Switch’s Contribution To Energy-Saving Life Style

Micro Switch’s Contribution To Energy-Saving Life Style   Science & technology is constantly improving people’s living conditions, which makes people’s life easier and more convenient. The electronic equipments and machines as the specific showcase of technology, it is greatly affecting people’s life. The classical examples, such as washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, rice cooker, fridge or refrigerator etc, all these electronic machines or appliances have completely changed people’s life style and saved the energy.    Micro switch or snap action switch is the [...]

Snap Action Switch Manufacturer Near You

Snap Action Switch Manufacturer Near You   At present, more and more electronics manufacturer is going to engage in this micro switch industry for its great potential market share. Electronics industry & electronic products such as air-conditioners, electronic devices, automatic equipments, auto equipments and office equipments, are enjoying a further development.   Electronic component as an essential part of electronic products, it greatly relies on electronic industry development. All the electronic products performance and operation can not be without micro switch or snap action switch. [...]

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Introduction

Mechanical Keyboard Switch Introduction   In this article, we would like to introduce mechanical keyboard switch as it is commonly applied in computer keyboard. Moreover, we would like to give detailed information about Unionwell Electronic mechanical keyboard switch.   Unionwell mechanical keyboard switches are divided into several colors. Different color mechanical keyboard switches are given different characteristics and functions, for instance, travel distance, sound and the electrical rating etc. These special characteristics of switches allow clients to select what they want for their special keyboard applications. [...]

Mechanical Micro Switch About Price

Mechanical Micro Switch About Price   Micro switch or snap action switch enjoys wide application in people’s life and industry manufacturing. It is closely connected with society development and progress, very small and slim, but indispensable. Many people are confused why the micro switch prices differ greatly from different brands or suppliers. Some items’ prices are high, while some of them are very cheap. Regarding the price issue, we would like specify some detailed information.First of all, we need to have a [...]