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Refrigerator Magnetic Control Door Switch

Refrigerator Magnetic Control Door Switch   As for the knowledge of refrigerators, in our daily use process, we only know that when opening the fridge, we must control the number of times the refrigerator door is opened and closed and the brightness level of the refrigerator lamp. Then we will learn about the switches and their functions in the refrigerator.   Refrigerator magnetic switch What is the magnetic refrigerator switch?   The magnetic control switch is a temperature-sensitive control device. Under normal working conditions, the circuit [...]

The Competition of Waterproof Micro Switch in Global Market

The Competition of Waterproof Micro Switch in Global Market   Global micro switch market competition is fierce, there are traditional well-known brands from EU and America, such as Cherry, Honeywell, CROUZET etc and the brands from Japan, for instance: Omron, Panasonic etc. Besides of this, many small micro switch workshops are coming up in China, India and Southeast Asia, which further make the market competition even worse. Under this circumstance, a micro switch manufacturer want to survive and be strong, it [...]

You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell

You Must Know Door Switch From Unionwell   Hello everyone, welcome to Unionwell website. Today We introduce door switch such as refrigerator door switch SWD series, door switch G5D series , door switch SWP series.   As we can see from many home appliances and equipments, snap action switch will be fixed inside to smartly control the appliances. For door control system, take the fridge for instance, there are some snap action switches inside to control the light. When door is open, the [...]

Mechanical Keyboard Switch You Should Know

Mechanical Keyboard Switch You Should Know   As the core component of the mechanical keyboard and the Cherry MX mechanical axis representing the mechanical axis, it also includes three types of axis such as Cherry ML mechanical axis, ALPS mechanical axis, and Taiwan white axis (very rare). Cherry MX mechanical axis is recognized as the most classic automatic keyboard switch. The unique feel and golden contacts make the quality doubled. There are four main types of MX series mechanical axis applied to [...]

Do you Know about Micro Switches for Car Door Locks

Do you Know about Micro Switches for Car Door Locks?   Waterproof micro switches are widely used in people’s daily life or industrial production, especially in the control of charging guns for new energy vehicles such as car door locks and car seats.   What is a micro switch for car door locks? Car door lock micro switch usually refers to the micro switch installed on the car door. It is a kind of door switch used to sense or detect whether the car [...]

How to Increase Microswitch Life in End Use

How to Increase Microswitch Life in End Use Snap-acting switches are designed for long life. By developing an understanding of the application factors that affect switch life, and applying this knowledge, maximum switch life can be achieved. Without this understanding, the user could inadvertently shorten switch life.   The nature of switch life Switch life is a function of several variables in switch design, manufacturing, and end-use. A change of any one of these variables can alter the life of the switch. [...]

What are Micro Switches Used For?

What are Micro Switches Used For? As we all know that Micro switches have many uses, some more industrial and others more common place. The Micro switches that we can offer have been successfully used in;Building, Automation and Security Home Applications Building, Automation and Security ApplicationsYou can find more details selections of micro switch applicated in atuo in below link:   Micro Switches are used for many different applications within building, automation and security. Some examples of these applications are; Push buttons for alarms and call [...]

Micro Switches Meets Various Applications

Since the advent of the small electromechanical switch in the 1930s, the micro switch has been continuously developed to meet a variety of different application requirements, including aerospace, household appliances, boiler control, medical equipment, spray systems, testing Equipment, timers, vending machines, etc. Micro switch is usually used to detect temperature, position and liquid level.   Precision micro-switches usually have three specifications: basic type, with operating handle type, with operating handle and shell type. The micro switch adopts the design of pin [...]

Application of Micro Switch on Rental Bicycle

Application of Micro Switch on Rental Bicycle   Most of the technology focus of smart cities and 5G is to improve wireless communication, broaden sensor technology and promote energy efficiency, including the use of completely battery-free devices. However, if there is no suitable switch, whether it is touch, button, push, or 5G technology infrastructure, Internet of Things and smart city applications, it will not exist in the form we know today. They will not realize their future potential. The switch plays [...]

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release

Miniature Micro Switch New Product Release Guangdong Unionwell Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on R&D and manufacturing various of micro switches, auto switches, waterproof switches, pressure switches, mechanical keyboard switches, precise auto parts, mobile phone connectors, and various kinds of contact modules and terminal components. Last week, with the joint efforts of engineers and employees, our company has successfully developed a new product. It’s G6 Series.This is a kind of Miniature Micro Switch. Now I would like to make a product introduction. It has many features:Small Compact Size Global Safety [...]